Taste Spotting: UCC’s Kori Kohi

UCC Kori Kohi

I first read about this from Jin Loves to Eat. It’s basically a glass full of iced coffee cubes then you pour warm milk. Watch and wait as the milk and coffee combine. It’s a fun way of drinking iced coffee! Kept me awake ’til the early morning though. ­čśŤ


Staying cool

Summer in the Philippines is becoming a test of our enduring character, don’t you think? And the average daily temperature┬átells us that we’re experiencing hotter summer each year. So we make our best effort to adjust and enjoy the warm weather before the rainy season hits in.


I also noticed that our calamansi ripens quite quickly this summer. If I remember correctly, we harvest ripe calamansi during the rainy season. But when I checked last weekend, our trees are teeming with ripe calamansi.! I think the summer heat is affecting the ripening process. But of course, we’re not complaining. More fresh calamansi juice for us! I made some mint ice cubes and popped them in a glass of freshly squeezed calamansi juice. Cool, citrusy and minty!