The Hungry Crafters

I’m a part of this small group of crafters in the University where I work and yes, we call our group the Hungry Crafters. Why? Because we use our lunchbreak every Tuesday to meet (instead of eating our lunch) and do crafts. I think we started the group on November last year and so far we’ve covered different crafts that we managed to do in an hour. Here are just samples of the projects that we’ve done. This has been a regular thing for us and this has been a good venue for us to meet (since we’re from different departments) and just to relax and release some of our work-related stress 😛


New blog

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! I guess this is a required post to tell you what this all about 🙂

So why, The Weekend Project?

I cannot not work, even on weekends. But it is more special on weekends because it is my time to do crafts and cook (and sleep, and read, and take photos….) ! Thus in this blog, I will try to document and share what I am busy with during my weekends, which is definately (and hopefully) NOT work-related (but sometimes that happens).

So I hope you’ll enjoy this blog. And in case you’re curious what my previous blog is, well, click here!